Batman Arkham PlayStation VR

The Batman Arkham PlayStation VR game is exclusive for Playstation VR.

The world of the game follows along with the background world building of the other Arkham games. You had Arkham Originals, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight.

This game takes you into that world using the same backstory. But the difference is that instead of being a passive observer, you’re an active participant in that world.

During this gameplay, you’ll be using the move controllers to get around in the virtual world. While you’re encased in this world of superheroes and villains, you’ll have to solve the case.

It will put your skills to the test to try and figure out which step to take. The gist of the game is on solving rather than fighting, but the game is a solid hit among gamers.

When you’re in this world, you’ll get to experience life as Bruce Wayne and him eventually turning into Batman. You’ll witness the jarring point that forever altered the young hero when you’re immersed into the scene where his parents are killed.

You will experience the same fear and shock that Bruce felt when the scene unfolded before him. From there, the game takes you to an older Bruce Wayne and you’ll be drawn into his life.

There are touches all throughout the game that nod at the Arkham background. You’ll see Bruce in his mansion. You’ll feel like the person he became after his parents died.

In the game, you’ll dress in the Batman suit and go to the secret area he uses to keep his life as Batman secret from the outside world. You’ll actually experience the feeling that you’re the man in the suit as you put it on.

Once the game begins, Batman has to use his skills to solve a violent murder. In the midst of the game as Batman, you will envision the murder and be able to use the weapons on hand to solve it.

The weapons you’ll be using in the game are the grapple gun, batarangs and a forensic scanner. The graphics are so good within the game that you’ll experience the same sensations you would have as if you were physically going through the actions.

The audio in the game is top quality and you will be able to hear the detailed sounds of fights that occur. The length of the game is about an hour and a half. Once you first finish the game you will want to attain new quests that are available.

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